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Empatika 2021 in Review

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

In 2021, together, we have made it through another year of the pandemic. We are very grateful for the health of our team members, and for the continuing support of our partners and clients.2021 started with two new projects, one looking at knowledge about malaria and access to services in Eastern Indonesia, and another seeking to learn more about adolescent pregnancy in Central Sulawesi and West Java. Throughout the rest of the year, we saw the continuation of collaborations with partners like Quicksand and Stats4SD, and the opportunity for new partnerships (hi STBY). While continuing to support some of our long-time clients, we were able to work with new organizations like UN Women along with a private sector client. We are also very happy to have received support, as part of a piece of end-line research, to train a new team of researchers in Nepal! The year wrapped up with the finishing touches being put on three different studies, while three others were just beginning to get started. The end of the year also saw changes to our team, as we welcomed one new team member, while two of our core team members moved on to other projects. While we hope to get back to doing fieldwork with less restrictions, the pandemic has also forced us to adapt. This has included needing to adapt with our research methods, and this experimentation (such as using adapted immersions, online training, WhatsApp conversations, photo sharing, phone and zoom interviews) has led to many important learning and lessons that we can continue to apply moving forward. Although many adjustments need to be made in the current situation, our goal is to do so while maintaining a focus on gathering in-depth, rigorous findings. And keeping our team healthy! Speaking of team, we are also lucky that we continue to have a great group of research associates in a number of countries, especially in Indonesia where some have been with us from the very beginning. Thanks for all of your continued hard work! It’s 2022 - let’s keep on together.

Check out the full review here!

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