Our training courses are grounded in our own experiences as researchers and emphasis on participation, informality, and connecting with participants. All our training courses are developed by Empatika researchers and trainers, drawing on our learning and reflections, as well as international participatory practices.

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Empatika's training courses range from the foundations of qualitative research to more advanced and specialized research skills and approaches.


While we prefer working face-to-face and believe in the additional benefits of this approach,  we have extensive experience delivering online training for global teams and have developed effective and fun ways to accomplish this. Our courses and workshops can be customized to the particular needs of each organization - please contact us to design a program just for you.

We offer training in:

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Immersion Research -
Level 1 training

Our Immersion Research Level 1 training is for anyone with an interest in immersion research techniques (as a practitioner or commissioner), including core qualitative research skills and respectful ways of undertaking research with people. The training includes around four days of sessions, combined with field practicum or a two-night pilot immersion. This training is currently available both offline and online. (4 days)

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BD refresher training
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This training is for anyone who wants to develop an understanding of participatory storytelling approaches and concrete skills to apply them. The training uses storytelling tools and techniques to create complex personal stories that can complement research to provide a powerful and transformative personal element. Participants build these skills by carrying out this process themselves using a range of creative techniques, including drawings, photography, and first-person narration they develop into short multimedia videos.

Empatika also offers training on Transformative Storytelling for facilitators.

What is Transformative Digital Storytelling?

DST workshop in Palu
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Transformative Digital Storytelling


Good Qualitative Research Practices

This training is for anyone who wants to improve their skills as a qualitative researcher using participatory and people-centered techniques. The training focuses on building attitudes and behaviours important for research, enhancing interpersonal communication skills and interview techniques, and the importance of elements like rigour and research ethics, and their role in  successful research outcomes. (1-2 days)

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Sense Making
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This training is for researchers who want to better understand and employ truly mixed methods research designs. It covers study design, implementation, analysis and documentation of integrated qualitative and quantitative methods. The training is facilitated in cooperation with international quantitative research experts with whom Empatika has refined these approaches. (3 days)
Empatika also offers training for commissioners and users of research and evaluation as a way of building their confidence in commissioning, interpreting and assessing the quality of mixed methods research.

Survey Warm-up in West Papua
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Mixed Methods Training
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Mixed Methods Research