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Our training courses are grounded in our own experiences as researchers and emphasis on participation, informality, and connecting with participants. All our training courses are developed by Empatika researchers and trainers, drawing on our learning and reflections, as well as international participatory practices.

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Empatika's training courses range from the foundations of qualitative research to more advanced and specialized research skills and approaches.


While we prefer working face-to-face and believe in the additional benefits of this approach, we have extensive experience delivering online training for global teams and have developed effective and fun ways to accomplish this.


Our courses and workshops can be customized to the particular needs of each organization. Please contact us to design a program just for you.

Our training suite includes:

1-3 day options


multi-day | Online or offline


We are currently developing online versions for many of our training. Stay tuned!

Download our training suite brochure.

Participatory Practices for
Better Engagement and Research

This training series aims to help participants develop effective and empathetic engagement skills, and explore people-centered approaches to research. It provides an introduction to key qualitative principles and participatory techniques, combined with in-depth dives on effective communication, listening, and facilitation techniques, and engaging visual exercises. Designed for qualitative researchers, field officers, program designers and officers, students or fresh graduates.


The series includes the following topics in a comprehensive 3-day-training, or as a condensed

1-day version:

The one-day version of this training introduces participants to basic principles of qualitative research and engagement, builds practical and participatory skills, and helps participants develop creative approaches to enhance engagement with community members.

We are developing an online training which will cover participatory practices and skills, using examples from the field to support participants to develop creative approaches to engage with and listen to people more effectively and empathetically.

Empathetic Research and Engagement Approaches

This series includes options on engaging children and adolescents in research, as well as practical insights for conducting research in sensitive contexts. Contact us for more details.

Methodology Training

This series includes our multi-day training on Immersion Research and Transformative Digital Storytelling. Both of these training courses are available offline or online.

People-Centered Research for Development

This three-day training aims to enable professionals to develop people-centered approaches to qualitative research design, data collection, and analysis as part of improving program relevance for beneficiaries. Designed for development and humanitarian organizations and professionals involved in program monitoring and research.

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Custom Training Options

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