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Maternal, adolescents, and young child nutrition and WASH study and action research (Indonesia)

Following up on emerging topics and issues highlighted during the exploratory research phase last November, in February our team undertook structured research in the same four communities. We combined several participatory approaches and tools, including:

Participatory Focus Group Discussions (pFGDs) with Moms, Fathers, Older Women, Health Service Providers, and Cadres

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Hanging out with teen girls and boys

During this informal hangout (right), we chatted with teen girls about their dreams and aspirations, nutrition, also sexual and reproductive health issues. To keep the activities more interesting and informal, we hung out in areas where they usually like to meet and chatted with them first to make sure they felt comfortable and relaxed. We also then used visuals as part of our conversations.

As well as extensive observation relating to data management for Posyandu and Puskesmas

During this phase, we also wanted to explore and better understand how the Posyandu collects, records, and manages the data of the Posyandu participants relating to health and their development.

These deep, detailed, and contextual insights on specific issues will also be used to help plan for the upcoming Human Centered Design (HCD) workshops that will be conducted at the community level in Late March/early April. The HCD process will include brainstorming and prototyping solutions to address challenges identified by community members themselves both from the immersion and structured research phases.

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