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COVID-19 Study family postcards

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

For our COVID-19 Remote Insights Gathering Study, we utilized our pre-existing relationships with families and other community members from past studies. Over the nine-month study period (May 2020–Feb 2021), families shared their experiences during this ongoing pandemic, which included sharing media like photos and screenshots with our researchers. As a thank you to these families, particularly since we weren’t able to meet them in person, and as part of ensuring a feedback loop, we created digital postcards to share back with families. Along with a cover including a family photo from the previous study the family participated in when available, the postcards include an example how one of the photos shared by the family was used in the report, along with an example of their contribution to the study findings.

This postcard here is for a family in Timor that participated in the study. Our researcher, Nafis, initially met and stayed with this family during our 2020 study on maternal, infant, and adolescent health and nutrition. We are grateful not only for the contributions from this family and the over 40 other families across Indonesia which have helped us to understand the impacts of COVID-19, but also for the opportunity to reconnect and develop relationships in a time when connections have been made more difficult.

The idea for these postcards came partly out of the sharing sessions our team had with Pulse Lab Jakarta in 2020 about doing remote research. As part of these discussions, we talked about how study participants often do not get to see, or are not informed about, final study products or outcomes. Our teams agreed that it is important to try to find ways to provide some kind of feedback to study participants, even when there isn’t budget provided for such activities.

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