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Amplify People's Voices

to build solutions, together

Who we are

Empatika is an independent international organization specializing in people-centered research, training and development solutions. We are passionate about providing deep insights into people’s contexts, linking these to fresh approaches to programming, and helping others to do the same.

We do this through empathetic research approaches that enable people to share their own perspectives and experiences, and by linking these insights to solutions for change. Our Indonesia-base and global experts bring together a rich understanding of our own context with international best practice, making us both truly local and global.

What's New

- Join our 1-Day Training on June 8, 2024

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Our Mission

Keeping programmers and policymakers in-touch through grounded, people-centred field research and programs

Our Values


Our empathetic approach helps us understand development challenges in context and from the standpoint of those they affect. This perspective grounds our research and solutions, providing a true understanding of people's priorities and supporting meaningful change.

Embracing Complexity

Our flexible approach to research and programs embraces complexity, understanding that ‘big problems rarely have a single cause’ and embracing multiple voices and perspectives.


People are at the center of everything we do. Our immersive and participatory approaches aim to empower people to develop solutions and drive change that is important to them through supportive, participatory, and reflexive processes.

Equity and Inclusion

We prioritize equity and inclusion in everything we do and believe that our diversity enhances our creativity and effectiveness as researchers and problem solvers. This is reflected in our approaches, which are designed to elevate the views of those often excluded from research and development.

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